Salmon (23lb.) caught on Sacramento River

Living in Northern California has given me the opportunity to interact with food in many different ways. Going forward, I am going to use ChicoGarden.com to chronicle my experiences in growing, preparing and enjoying food around Chico, CA.

Growing Food- I’ve maintained a small semi-urban garden of herbs and vegetables for the past two summers.  I look forward to recording my experiences and sharing tips that have helped me produce a variety of home-grown herbs and veggies in a small amount of space.

Caveat- I appreciate the environment. I try, but do not operate as “strictly organic”.

Preparing Food- I have always enjoyed cooking and trying new things in the kitchen. I tend to deviate from recipes and sometimes treat my dishes like an episode of Food Network’s Chopped.

Enjoying Food- I like to get out and experience local restaurants, farmers markets and events. I look forward to highlighting the extraordinary establishments and happenings around Chico.



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